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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions that our customers ask us.

Do you take every job that you get a call about? Why?
- No. Our relationship with our customers is very important to us. If we meet with a customer, get a good feel for the job, and don't think we can do it on the customer's budget, we like to be right up front with them, and tell them that it simply cannot be done within their budget. By doing this we feel that we are honest with our customers, and would rather have left the customer with a "well, he simply couldn't do it for what I wanted to pay but at least he was honest" feeling, than a "he quoted me this and went way over budget" feeling.

Why is it so expensive to do a remodel on my house, but a brand new house can be purchased relatively cheaply in the same area?
- When we remodel part or all of a house, there are a lot of considerations, which need to be taken into account. All new wiring we do must be up to the current Municipality and National Electric Codes. Which means that oftentimes we must remove old wire and boxes, and update breakers and grounding. This takes much more time than simply wiring a house from the ground up with all of the walls open and access to everything. Because of this, remodels can cost up to 50% more than new construction.

Why must I update my panel to accept AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupt) breakers?
-Current National Electric Code requires all circuits in family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreation rooms, closets, hallways, or similar rooms be arc-fault protected. In older construction, this can often mean updating your panel and service to accept the new type of breaker.

How many bids do you recommend I get before I start construction?
- Arctic Fox Electric LLC recommends that you get at least 3 different bids before starting construction. We also recommend that you go with either the middle, or highest bidder. The reason for this is that often when new Electrical Contractors first go into business, they are used to having the job "lined out" for them, and are not experienced in seeing all of the aspects that go into a remodel or new construction project. Arctic Fox Electric LLC has over 20 years of experience in the business, and while not always the cheapest, you can be sure that when we give you a bid, we have taken the whole picture into consideration, not just "changing a receptacle."

Do you warranty your work?
- YES!  We warranty our work for one year from the date of completion.  

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